Our Legal Department has a large team of professional partners that allow us to act in several cities in Brazil. As the Federal District, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, etc..

Know the areas we serve:


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• Consensual Divorce, Litigation
• Recognition and Dissolution of Stable Union
• Shares of Food
• Investigation of Paternity Actions
• Wills Preparation
• Inventories and shares
• Asset Forfeiture
• Lower Seizure
• Approval for separation of bodies
• Implementation of Judicial Title and Extra-Judicial


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• Analysis of pre-contractual documentation
• Risk analysis
• Consulting about the possibility of hiring
• Company Dissolution
• Bylaws and Meetings
• Contractual Disputes
• Contracts Preparation


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• Criminal Defense in Action for environmental crime


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• Termination of shares, execution, possession, prescription, advertise on new work, claim,
lease, renewal and rental review, do's and don'ts obligations and compulsory award.
• Contracts Preparation
• Mortgages Composition


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• Contract adaptation
• Contract review