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Elaboration of registration requests, extension of registrations, provision of inspection services, preparation of oppositions, appeals and administrative nullities both in Brazil and abroad.

Patent searches, preparation and filing of patent applications in all areas of technology, provision of inspection services for third parties over existing patents and patent applications, payment of annuities, attendance to inquiries about patentability and infringements, preparation of oppositions, resources and administrative nullities, both in Brazil and abroad.

Analysis and opinions on license, assignment and exploitation of trademarks and patents, preparation of technology transfer contracts, specialized technical services, franchises and registration of terms of contracts at INPI and Central Bank.

Registration and registration of computer program contracts with the INPI.

We have agents and partners able to carry out the necessary procedures for the registration of trademarks and patents and extensive legal advice for legal demands. We even advise several international agents in the area of ​​intellectual property in Brazil.

Realization of reports and drawings, registration of books, music, with the School of Fine Arts, National Library and National School of Music.

Our office has professionals in the field of Copyright Law 9.610 / 98. Bearing in mind that every creation has its author, we should not confuse the author's right with the legal entity.

We carry out searches before the INPI (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY) , Board of Trade (all over the National Territory) and other institutions

Own department for EAN registration.

Our company sends an annual survey of all brands to our customers, so that our customers can check with its Marketing the correct use of the brands it holds, this way it will not suffer risk of loss of the obtained rights.

SOMARCA has a creative department to develop the name, logo and products.

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The economic evaluation of the Brand as long as it is prepared according to the internationally accepted methodology,
allows the company to obtain the following benefits:

  • Increase in the Company's Equity;
  • Increase in the Company's Fixed Assets;
  • Reduction in the company's level of indebtedness as a result of an increase in shareholders' equity, facilitating relationships with banks, suppliers, etc.;
  • Increase in the Equity Value per share / share allowing to achieve a higher Economic Value of the Company for the purpose of corporate negotiation;
  • As the Institution serves as a Guarantee of Financing and Tax Debts;
  • Growth of the company's prestige with Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders (Quotaholder), Financial Institutions, etc.;
  • Non-payment of Income Taxes on the Rated Value of the Brand as long as the respective Value is accounted for in the Spontaneous Revaluation Reserve of Shareholders' Equity;

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